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Here’s the thing about being a guy: you’ve got to look good, without looking like you’re trying to look good… or actually trying. The last thing on most men’s minds is fashion, but when it comes to the things men do care about – landing jobs, sculpting guns, or wooing beautiful ladies – clothing choice often plays a critical role.

Fortunately, Clothing Shop Online makes dressing the part quick, easy, and affordable for every type of guy – from the jeans and a t-shirt dude all the way to the CEO, with the gym rats, hipsters, outdoorsmen, and “fashionist-os” (yes – they deserve a nickname too) who fall in between.

Get the Clothes. Get the Job.

Discount Calvin Klein Shirt
Calvin Klein Slim Fit Cotton Stretch Striped Shirt

Having neat and well-fitting clothes is essential in a business setting. Oftentimes, getting the job, the deal, the promotion, or even the keys to the company car comes down to your level of professionalism – which includes appearance. Fortunately, with the dress shirt offerings from Clothing Shop Online, you don’t have to an executive account or metal credit card to afford classic office styles.

While you may think you can only find Calvin Klein at high-end retailers and department stores, the acclaimed designer, known for smart masculine styles, offers several dress shirt options on Clothing Shop Online. The Cotton Stretch Shirt (offered in stream blue, black, ash, and white) is a standard for any businessman. And Calvin Klein’s Slim Fit Cotton Stretch (or Striped) Shirt is perfect for the man who finishes his wife’s fries, still has room for dessert, and doesn’t have to go to the gym the next morning. Yes, every woman hates you. But we can’t stay grumpy long, when you look so sharp in your slim-fitted dress shirt!

For more affordable options, check out Sierra Pacific’s Long Sleeve Cotton Twill Shirt, FeatherLite’s Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt, or Van Heusen’s Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt. And for the crème de la crème, Van Heusen’s No-iron Pinpoint Oxford shirt ensures maximum class with minimum upkeep.

What Women Want

Colorado Clothing Hooded Soft Shell Jacket

What do ladies love: men’s men, boy’s boys. Rugged, classic, carefree. No girl wants a boy who spends more time worrying about clothes (or hair for that matter) than she does. And though she loves you in a suit, there’s nothing more attractive to her than your relaxed weekend style. 3 o’clock shadow included.

To win her heart with your casual-cool, Clothing Shop Online is happy to offer all the basics you need. With its soft look and feel, tri-blend is all the rage for men these days. Stock up on Canvas’s Triblend V-Neck T-shirts, in classic navy and charcoal, as well as vivid blue, light red, and green (who said men can’t wear fun colors?). On Clothing Shop Online, with a single click of a button, your weekend wardrobe is complete within minutes and minimal damage to your wallet (extra cash for roses?). Match these form-fitting (and muscle-defining) tees with your favorite jeans (Levis?) and any of Clothing Shop Online’s casual men’s sports caps for the classic look that wins ladies hearts one romantic comedy at a time. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the yellow lab and Frisbee elsewhere.

Both your boss and your girlfriend have something in common: they expect you to look good if you want to keep the job. Dress to impress them both with the many offerings for men on Clothing Shop Online.

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