What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class

Because of its spiritual roots and long prevalence in the Eastern world, yoga has been associated with all the new-age, tofu-eatin’, wheatgrass-shootin’, granola hippie-dippy stuff. But since its emergence into American culture in the 1960’s, this Ancient Indian practice has undergone a dramatic rise in popularity. The public loves yoga, not only as a spiritual ritual, but for the health and fitness of both mind and body.

What’s the Big Deal?

Here’s the little secret that explains the success of the practice and defies the general beliefs of non-enthusiasts: yoga is hard work! Sure, seeing a studio full of perfectly toned, thin, tan people repeating Sun Salutations in unison without breaking a sweat might make it seem like more of a leisurely interpretive dance than an exercise. But make no mistake – yoga has every bit to do with how they got into such great shape in the first place.

So, armed with this knowledge, you’re finally ready to give this thing a shot (that or your best friend is dragging you along to her regular afternoon class). You’ve got your studio picked, your mat purchased, and now comes the issue every novice faces: what do you wear to yoga?

Comfort Is Key

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For every type of yogic practice, comfort is the key. Some people favor flowing, loose garments that allow maximum movement. However, regular practitioners argue that this kind of clothing can cause obstructions to various asanas (poses). Loose clothes can get in the way, particularly during inversions and arm balances wherein the body is upturned. Instead, fitted clothes are recommended to allow free movement.

Yoga Pants

For women, many utilize the ever-popular yoga pant; these come in all shapes and can be worn long or Capri-style for minimum hindrance. Some prefer to further reduce the chances of a clothing-related hitch by wearing workout shorts, particularly for Bikram Yoga (where the room is heated to 105°). Sports bras and formfitting tank tops are most recommended.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are customary yoga wear for men as well, although male practitioners will often go shirtless depending on the studio’s particular policies. Shorts are also the male yogi’s best option. Sweatpants or workout pants can often become obstructive, just beware low-riding workout shorts, which do not allow for certain movements.

Whether you get your yoga wear from specialty companies, at the studio, or simply buy discount black t-shirts online, one thing to pay attention to is the clothing’s materials. Look for absorbent, moisture-wicking cloths, which will regulate the body’s temperature, absorb sweat, and keep you cool during those perspiring stretches. Many yoga adherents also prefer clothing made from sustainable, earth-friendly materials, and there is a myriad of companies on our site dedicated to producing environmentally sound wares.

Whether you’re ready to adopt yoga as a way of life or you simply like the exercise it provides, this is one activity where the clothes you wear will make or break a session. Check out Clothing Shop Online for all these great options and more and kick-start a rewarding yoga practice today.

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