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Summer is the ultimate time to show off your tan skin, beach body, and flair for fashion. With the wealth of flowing, fun, and sexy summer styles hitting racks around the globe, the opportunities to look cool when it’s hot out become virtually endless. But beware! Fashion can be a fickle friend, so it’s important to stay afloat of what’s in and what’s out every season. Of course, Clothing Shop Online has got you covered in terms of what to seek out this summer, from sifting through designer flip flops to buying discount grey t-shirts online.

Dresses & Skirts

Lacey, solid, floral – whatever you choose, stay flawlessly cool in a dress this summer. Beware of in-between lengths, though; this season is all about extremes. Short dresses are great for day and night, beach or city, while maxi-dresses will keep you looking classy while you walk barefoot along the sand or sip ice tea on the patio of your favorite café. Hint: let your bold femininity shine with bright floral fabrics.

2012 is also all about the pencil skirt. This form-fitting fashion is conservative yet versatile and can be worn at work, on a date, or out for drinks with friends. Alternately, enjoy the free-flowing grace of the mullet skirt, which provides a softer appearance. Since color-blocking is a huge trend this season, juxtapose a bright colored skirt (like bright pink) with another bright colored solid top (maybe in vibrant blue).

Shorts & Pants

Ladies' Sheer JerseyThis Ladies’ Sheer Jersey from Bella is perfect for fashionable summer wear!

Shorts are hands-down the best way to beat the heat while staying active in the sunshine. This year, high-waisted shorts are sweeping the fashion scene, adding elegance to the traditionally grassroots style. Denim, cotton, tweed, tie-waist, or buttons, you simply can’t go wrong with a pair of shorts paired with bright suede flats or wood platforms. For breezier days and evenings, flowery or bright-colored jeans are currently all the rage. Many fashion designers are releasing lines of skinny jeans in bold colors and prints, like hot pink and splashy florals.


Crop tops in bright neon hues are dominating the current fashion market. Making a comeback since their neon hey-day in the eighties, crop tops can be sleeveless or shoulder-covering and come in an array of colors, including yellow, green, orange, and red. Sheer fabrics are also popular and can be dressed up or down with ease. Throw on a sheer black blouse with a turquoise blazer, chunky vintage necklace, and glossy pumps to impress everyone you meet.

Additional trends to look out for are Baroque-style pieces with metallic linings, rompers and jumpsuits, backless dresses, high heels in daring, colorful patterns, retro swimsuits, and oversized floppy hats. No matter what trends you choose, from classic styles to funky new items, the best part of fashion is having fun. For these great summer looks at the most affordable prices, check out our wide selection at Clothing Shop Online!

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