Picking the Perfect T-Shirt

Soft, comfortable, able to be dressed up or down, t-shirts can be worn for nearly every occasion and having a good supply of them is vital for everyone. Whether you look for designer brands or buy discount navy t-shirts online, this comfy style will put you at ease in any environment. Just like any other item of clothing, important factors to consider are material, fit, price, and cut.

Long Sleeve

Long sleeve t-shirts are perfect for cooler days, early-morning jogs, or even winter layering. An awesome choice is the Gildan 2400 Ultra Cotton, which is made from 100% natural cotton that has been pre-shrunk. This incredibly soft shirt will keep you cozy whether you’re running errands on a brisk autumn morning or curling up in front of the fire with a book.

The Canvas 3501 Long-Sleeve Crewneck is another awesome choice, especially for men. Made of the softest ring-spun cotton (a process of spinning the fibers before they are manufactured into a shirt), the Canvas 3501 is softer, more durable, and guaranteed to last for ages. With a simple crewneck cut, the Canvas long-sleeve is a must-have for every guy. For an ultra-cool hooded look, check out the Canvas 3512 Jersey Hooded T-shirt, whose long sleeves and attached hood are also ring-spun and combine for extra warmth and comfort.

Short Sleeve

3105 Unisex Deep V-neckThe Unisex Deep V-neck T-shirt from Canvas will keep you in style!

Short-sleeve t-shirts are even more versatile, as you can layer them or wear them alone on warmer days. Ring-spun fabrics are awesome for short sleeved styles, making them more flattering, stylish, and cozy.

For men, Canvas offers excellent t-shirt options. For a basic style with plenty of comfort, the 3021 Jersey Pocket T-shirt will beat out all of the competition with combed, ring-spun 100% cotton and a breast pocket to amp up its flair. For a more hip style, try the 3105 Unisex Deep V-neck, which not only boasts an extremely flattering cut, but also comes in a large variety of colors for all of your different moods. Whether you’re a Deep Teal kind of guy or you prefer to rock the Heather Raspberry look, rest assured, you’ll be turning heads and feeling great in this tee.

Bella manufactures the best of women’s t-shirts, with top-of-the-line fabrics and designs for every body type. The 6005 Jersey V-neck tee is also made of that legendary ring-spun cotton. The deeper neck allows for more movement, ensuring breathability on the track, in the park, and virtually anywhere else. The Burnout Scoop Neck T-shirt has a fancier air with a cool heathered look and tighter sleeves. This is the ultimate style piece; pair it with a flow-y skirt, and you’ll feel like the most vibrant flower in the garden.

Saving Cash

Saving money is an important priority for many people. So for all of you penny pinchers, we’ve got your needs covered! With Anvil’s t-shirts, style and budget fall in one sentence. For example, the Anvil 980 Fashion Fit t-shirt is still made from ring-spun fabric, providing superior feel and quality for less than $5.00! The Anvil Sustainable T-shirt takes it one step further by costing less and being made of organic recycled materials.

For even cheaper styles, check out brands like Gildan and Hanes. Gildan’s 2000 Ultra Cotton tee and Hanes’ 5180 Beefy-T boast ultimate versatility and simplicity. With 100% cotton fabric and a basic fit, these shirts work for every gender and body type and cost between $2.00 and $5.00, plus they come in over 50 colors! You just can’t do better than that.

No matter your style, t-shirts fit into it. Being the most versatile piece of clothing on earth, a good t-shirt will last for years, offer the highest level of comfort, and look amazing on anyone. Find all of these styles plus hundreds more at Clothing Shop Online, your one-stop-shop for the best discounted clothes.

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