Choosing the Perfect Hoodie

by Maya Bornstein

Whether you’re a jogger, fireplace snuggler, or college student at 8am, hoodies are an indispensable part of your wardrobe. A layering essential, hoodies can be zipped up, left loose, or slung over a shoulder. With the wealth of hoodie options provided to you by ClothingShopOnline, it can be a little overwhelming to pick the one. To address this concern, we’ve put together a brief hoodie tutorial to help you select the hoodie that bests suits your particular needs.

Types of Hoodies

J. America's Full-Zip Hoodie with Sherpa

Indpendent Trading Co.’s full-zip hooded sweatshirt boasts soft, Sherpa lining.

Let’s begin with zipper hoodies. They’re awesome for fast-paced lifestyles – just throw them on and get out the door! Available in all kinds of materials, zippered hoodies are perfect for any climate: you can get in and out of them easily, zip them up if it’s chilly, or wear them unzipped to cool off. Indpendent Trading Co. is a go-to brand for zippered hoodies. Their Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt with Sherpa Lining boasts ultimate comfort with a great casual aesthetic. Made from 80% ring-spun cotton and 20% polyester, this item has all the softness and stretch you need for absolute versatility.

Hoodies without zippers are great for locking in the heat and comfort. The W1162 Ladies’ Burnout Sweatshirt from Weatherproof pumps up a classic hoodie style with funky, vibrant colors. In rain or in shine, in Teal Wave or Rainbow Stripe, we promise you’ll look your best and brightest in this groovy piece.

Class vs. Cost

Of course, some people can afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a sweatshirt, but what’s the point? If you’re going for the highest possible quality, go for Independent Trading. This is one company that knows how to do quality, especially judging by their AFX4000 Hooded Pullover and the AFX4000Z Full-zip Hoodie. Both of these awesome sweatshirts are made of a touchable 80/20% cotton-poly blend, with jersey lining and a timeless look. Stay comfy, warm, and truly classy in either of these options. Champion’s Reverse Weave hoodie will serve you just as well with anti-shrinkage technology and high-quality material, allowing you to stay active all day long.

For comfortable material at a lower price, Gildan is the optimum choice. Their 18500 Heavy Blend hoodie rocks anti-pilling fabric with jet-spin yarn and double lining, keeping you protected from the elements at all times. Get this hoodie in a variety of colors, like Paprika, Gold, and Irish Green. For an ultra-cool look, Gildan’s 18700 Heavy Blend Vintage Classic Full-zip provides awesome cross-dyed shades that look simply amazing. In Meadow, Russet, Blackberry, Moss, or Tweed, this is sweatshirt can’t help but turn heads. For the most comfortable option yet, check out Fruit of the Loom’s Supercotton Pullover hoodie. The soft cotton blend will make you melt, and the two-ply hood will keep your face warm in any climate.

Choose Clothing shop online for a wide variety of comfy hoodies, athletic wear, outerwear, and discount green t-shirts online. Choose between styles, fabrics, colors, prices, and find the perfect combination for you. We look forward to helping you look and feel great!

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