Anvil’s Eco Friendly Fashions

With more and more Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s popping up every day, it’s obvious that our society is shifting towards organic foods. Match that with over a million blogs dedicated to sustainability and eco-awareness, and an escalating trend becomes obvious. We, as a society, are going green. Or trying to, at least… To meet the consumer, as well as stake their own claim in the movement toward a better earth, retailers around the globe, like Anvil (the sixth largest purchaser of organic cotton worldwide), are beginning to offer eco-friendly products. As Clothing Shop Online is committed to both the customer and the health of our planet, we are happy to represent Anvil and its earth-friendly products. AnvilOrganic™
Discount Anvil Sustainable T-Shirt for Men and Women
Anvil’s sustainable t-shirt is an environmentally conscious alternative for the green-minded! Here’s what you didn’t want to know: the production of cotton requires more insecticides than any other crop, and nine of the top pesticides used are proven to have cancer-causing properties. Here’s what you want to know: AnvilOrganic take these numbers into consideration and offers an alternative to standard cotton styles. Not only are many of AnvilOrganic’s products allergy-free and fabulously form-fitting, but they are made of 100% organic cotton. Fortunately for the hard-core activist, AnvilOrganic offers both men’s and women’s short and long sleeve styles, in enough colors to fill an entire wardrobe. And while the company may be catering to a growing market, Anvil’s shift toward green products is unmistakably noble. For Earth Day 2011, Anvil partnered with the Sierra Club and to donate over 1,500 AnvilOrganic tees to schools and organizations to encourage environmental awareness. AnvilSustainable™ AnvilSustainable’s t-shirt for both men and women, is made from 50% organic cotton and 50% conversion/post-consumer PET bottles (approximately three 20-ounce PET bottles per shirt). The cotton used in these shirts is not just organic but derived from transitional farms, meaning less of an expense to the farms who can’t afford organic certification. In this sense, Anvil is making the effort to support smaller farms to increase the supply of organic resources all around. Talk about social responsibility! Not only do these shirts come in a wide range of colors, from hot pink to heather green, but they offer comfort in the form of ringspun transitional organic cotton. Pair these fitted tees with relaxed jeans for a trip to the farmer’s market or lunch at your favorite veggie spot. According to Anvil CEO Anthony Corsano, “Even in these challenging economic times, the demand for environmentally-friendly products has never been stronger.” For this reason, Anvil offers a spectrum of environmentally smart choices at prices anyone can afford. If you want to support Anvil’s growing mission by purchasing one of their earth-friendly styles, browse Clothing Shop Online. We offer you the tools to buy everything you need, from discount large t-shirts online to organic offerings in every color. Stuff your cart today!

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