Keep Fit This Holiday Season with Winter Workout Fashion

We’ve all been there: the dreaded exercises plateau. You start a new fitness regimen in preparation for bikini season, feel strong and confident at the beach all summer long, then start to lose momentum when generous winter layers make room for a few extra pounds. With holiday feasting right around the corner, now is the time to make or break your goals. One of the best ways to blast through your rut is by sprucing up your fitness wardrobe. Having stylish and comfortable new outfits for the gym will give you a reason to head back to spin class: to show off!

Fortunately for you, Clothing Shop Online offers a wide variety of distinct pieces to spruce up your winter workout wardrobe!

For Ladies: Bella’s Got You Covered (literally!)


Discount Bella Ladies Tank Top

Bella’s Ladies’ 2×1 Rib Tank Top

There’s nothing like a beater tank for showing off sculpted shoulders and budding muscles. Bella provides its own version of this classic tank – the Ladies’ 2×1 Rib Tank Top. The ribbed tank, made from high-quality 100% ringspun cotton, features a side-seam for the most flattering fit. Offered at an unbeatable price and in twenty-six vibrant colors, including berry, teal, and athletic heather, this tank is perfect for stocking up on.


Vinyasa in style with Bella’s many athletic bottoms. For those who prefer a tighter fit, both Bella’s Ladies’ Jersey Leggings and Bella Ladies’ Cotton/Spandex Capri Pants hug the contours of your legs for a slimming look that stays-put, and Vintage Jersey Lounge Pants offer a free-flowing cut for loungers.

For Men: Champion’s your guy


Discount Compression T-Shirt

Champion Double-Dry Performance T-Shirt

Alo knows manliness begins with the basics, but offers a rugged edge to set you apart. If you’re bored of plain tees, Alo offers several upgrades to the classic style. The Men’s Short Sleeve Double-Dry Performance T-Shirt not only outlines your muscular physique, but is made from high-performing dry-wicking and anti-microbial fabric. In addition to keeping you dry during heavy sweat sessions, the Compression T-Shirt’s StretchFlex technology allows for maximum mobility – not too mention a perfect silhouette. Just try walking past a yoga class in this contoured t-shirt without turning a few downward facing heads.


Dropping temperatures shouldn’t mean dropping your running regimen even in the chilliest winter months. Fortunately for all you sprinters, light joggers, and huffer-and-puffers, Champion’s Lightweight Performance Jacket offers exactly the kind of warmth you need to bundle up without overheating. Alo’s signature dry-wicking and anti-microbial fabrics prevent cold sweats, and contrast stitching at the neck, arms and side panels provide a unique look.

For Everyone: There’s Clothing Shop Online

While many burn out on their summer workouts and won’t see a gym until New Year’s Resolutions have been set, now is the most important time to kick up your fitness. Between Halloween candy, second helpings of pumpkin pie, and an endless array of holiday cookies, regular sessions at the gym are more critical than ever. Keep yourself motivated these upcoming months with new workout pieces from Clothing Shop Online; you’ll ring in the New Years with only one resolution: to buy more in your new size!

Whether you’re looking to buy discount x large t-shirts online, workout wear, or office apparel, Clothing Shop Online is your #1 source for comfortable, affordable, and stylish wardrobe choices!

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