Trucker Hats are Back

by Alex Francis
In case you somehow managed to ignore the mainstream media for most of the 2000s, a trucker hat is a type of headwear that is distinguishable by its trademark foam section above the bill and plastic mesh that makes up the rest of the body of the hat. And while their prominence among celebrities may have made these hats famous, it is their easily recognizable style and predisposition for customization that have made them such a lasting addition to any hip person’s wardrobe.

Discount Trucker Cap
Flexfit Trucker Cap

Express Yourself
If you’re a fan of NBC’s hit TV show “30 Rock,” then you are familiar with the extensive selection of trucker hats that Frank Rossitano has displayed throughout the series, wearing a new hat that features a new random phrase in every episode. You can see the entire collection here. The hats have come to define Frank’s style and character, and they can help define yours as well.
At Clothing Shop Online, you’ll find dozens of trucker hats in a wide variety of color combinations at unbelievably affordable prices. So take advantage of our fantastic selection and start expressing yourself! Embroider them, spray paint them, draw on them—do whatever you want in order to make the hats your own. The possibilities are endless and the potential is limitless.
Perfect for Men, Women, and Children
Trucker hats are fitted with adjustable snap back closures to ensure that one size will fit virtually anyone, and their simplicity makes them a perfect fit into any number of personal styles. The Vintage Trucker Cap by DRI DUCK comes in both a black and white combo and solid black, and it is the perfect mix of classic, alternative, and edgy that will help you stand out for all of the right reasons.
If you would rather show off your more colorful side, Valucap’s Foam Trucker Cap has got you covered with 10 different color variations. And if you just love the fit of the classic baseball hat but want the stylish look of a trucker hat, Sportsman’s Contrast Stitch Mesh Cap offers the perfect mix. It has a soft twill front panel in a contrasting color to the rest of the hat in place of the iconic foam of the trucker hat. This feature gives you the style you want with the comfort you love.
Clothing Shop Online is your one-stop shop for affordable apparel of all kinds, from hats for your head, to socks for your feet, and everything in between. If you have been searching for a trucker hat to add a funky style to your wardrobe, look no further; Clothing Shop Online is the best place to buy discount trucker hats online.

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