Fly in Style

by Alex Francis
It may only be January, but with the start of any new season comes the inevitable consideration of its end. The impending dead of winter drives our minds to more tropical locales, and it’s only a matter of time before our bodies end up right there with them. Spring Break, Summer, and vacation season are looming in the not-so-distant future, and now is the perfect time to start planning for them.
While you’re daydreaming about your next retreat from the real world, be it to the beach for Spring Break or the mountains for a winter respite, keep in mind the clothing your vacation is going to require. After all, planning out your outfits can sometimes be just as fun as actually wearing them—at the very least, it will help keep your mind off of your everyday routine for a little while.
How to Dress for a Flight
If your vacation is going to require flying for any amount of time, you’re going to have to work around your airline’s ever-increasing baggage restrictions. It’s advisable to limit yourself to only what you can pack in a carry-on bag in order to avoid any added fees and eliminate the possibility of your luggage being lost. Though that size restriction may sound too harsh, you’d be surprised by the amount of clothes you can fit in a standard-sized carry-on bag.
The first thing you want to figure out is what you’re going to wear on the plane. Depending on the length of your flight, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible while still looking presentable. Rumor has it, airlines are much more likely to upgrade your economy-class ticket to business- or even first-class if you are dressed nicely (read: at least slacks and a button-up shirt for men and a nice dress or conservative skirt and blouse for women), so you may want to take that into consideration if you’re feeling lucky.
Otherwise, your best bet for in-flight comfort would be to dress in multiple layers that can be added and removed as necessary to adjust for changing temperatures in your city of origin, the plane cabin, and your final destination.
Comfort is Key

Bella Dolman T-shirt
Bella Ladies’ Flowy Draped Sleeve Dolman T-shirt

Ladies, use a tank top as a base layer and then wear a top like Bella’s Flowy Draped Sleeve Dolman T-Shirt. Not only will the extra fabric help keep you warm, but it’s loose enough to keep you comfortable throughout even the longest flight, while still looking effortlessly chic and put-together. Weatherproof Infinity Scarf can then be worn as a scarf or a wrap if you need the extra warmth or even used as a pillow. Finish the look with your favorite pair of leggings or jeans and you’re good to go!
Men, you’ll want to layer a clean-cut, comfortable sweatshirt like Gildan’s Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt on top of your favorite soft t-shirt. Dark-wash jeans or slacks in a coordinating color are the best bottoms to wear, and if possible, pick a pair that doesn’t require a belt in order to avoid the hassle of removing it when you go through security and the discomfort of wearing it throughout the flight.
Wherever you end up going on your next vacation, Clothing Shop Online is here to help you get there in both comfort and style. So take advantage of all our affordable prices and put the extra cash toward your next trip—you’ve earned it.

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