Affordable Apparel for Restaurant Workers

by Alex Francis

Premium Bib Apron

Working in a restaurant is tough. You have to spend long hours on your feet and keep up with countless orders at a time. If you work in the back of the house, you are responsible for preparing dozens of dishes to every patron’s exact specifications, literally feeling the heat as it bears down on you. In front of the house, you are the face of the restaurant. You are constantly on the move, carrying heavy trays of food and drinks and attending to the needs of dozens of people at once—and, yes, you have to do all that with a smile on your face.

As if the physical demands of working in a restaurant were not enough, waiters, waitresses, chefs, and hosts all have to deal with wearing uniforms that would be described as neither comfortable nor fashionable.

We, at Clothing Shop Online, would like to commend those of you who take pride in your work and happily serve even the pickiest and ungrateful patrons. And in order to make your job just a little bit easier (in addition to being courteous, polite customers), we want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible at work. We can’t do anything about your uniform requirements, but we can make the clothes that fit those requirements as affordable as possible.

For the Chefs

You may go unseen while you are at work, but that doesn’t mean your clothes don’t matter. White coats are the hallmark of chefs everywhere, and distinct chef’s hats are your crown in the kitchen. Whether you need your chef coat to be solid white, solid black, or a fancy mix between the two, Chef Designs has got you covered. Their Ten Pearl Button Chef Coat is made with a soil-release finish to ensure your coat looks as clean after 50 uses as it did fresh out of the box. Their Bistro Aprons and Bib Aprons will help keep the rest of your uniform spotless as well.

For the Servers

As servers interact directly with customers, it is of the utmost importance they remain presentable throughout the duration of their shifts. Chef Designs has aprons in a variety of cuts and lengths that work wonders to that end, and our extensive selection of dress shirts are stain-resistant, breathable, and made with a bit of stretch — ensuring you feel just as great as you look.

So before you let uncomfortable and expensive work-wear make you hate your job, check out all of the affordable options available at Clothing Shop Online.

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