How to Wear Loungewear without Looking Sloppy

by Alex Francis
If you spend long workdays with the waistband of your pants digging into your sides and the underwire of your bra gouging you at every turn, then you probably appreciate the warm embrace of comfortable loungewear. But while nights and weekends should be a safe zone from high heels, structured jackets, and restricting skirts, that doesn’t mean you have to look like a bum, either. (Although if you do want to head to the mall or the grocery store in baggy sweatpants and oversized sweatshirts, more power to you).
So instead of abandoning sweats and their near-magical ability to make even the worst day seem better, just retire the holey sweatshirt that you’ve had since high school and treat yourself to some cute, modern loungewear. And while you’re on your quest to find the perfect marriage of fashion and comfort, here are some affordable suggestions from Clothing Shop Online.
1. Don’t pair an oversized top with an oversized bottom. If you want to wear a loose sweatshirt, put on some form-fitting yoga pants, leggings, or another similarly non-blob-like bottom to balance out the look.

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Let’s take a look at the outfits above. All of the individual pieces are great; they’re soft, casual, and look relaxed without being messy. But if you were to pair the slouchy, pink J. America Ladies’ Open Neck Tunic with those loose, flowy pants, all of the fabric would overwhelm your figure. By wearing Bella’s simple, black leggings with their Ladies’ Triblend Wideneck Sweatshirt, you can be just as comfortable without becoming lost in a field of fleece.
2. Don’t wear one color from head to toe. A grey sweatshirt and matching grey sweatpants will turn you into some sort of marshmallow, and matching bright blues will conjure memories of Willy Wonka. (“Violet! You’re turning violet, Violet!” That classic scene can be seen here in case you’re in need of a laugh).

Yellow Plaid Boxercraft Pants

3. If you’re planning on lounging at home all day (I envy you), feel free to throw any and all regular rules and conventions to the wind and wear whatever you please. Yellow plaid Boxercraft VIP Cotton Pants and a pink camouflage t-shirt… Why not? Throw on a Sportsman Rugby Striped Knit Scarf while you’re at it. Men’s Canvas Long Sleeve Henley and the baggiest sweatpants you can find? Go for it—you’re the boss.

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