Lululemon Forced to Recall Sheer Pants

by Alex Francis

Bella Capri Pants
Bella Ladies’ Capri Pants

When we gave you advice about what to wear to yoga class last week, we left one of the more obvious suggestions off the list: Don’t wear see-through pants. While this may seem like common sense to anyone who has any experience wearing pants (Really, whether you’re at yoga or not, who would want to have their underwear on display?), apparently the fine folks over at Lululemon still need to be reminded every now and then.
Inconsistent Quality
The trendy yoga-inspired athletic apparel retailer announced this week that they were recalling a full 17% of their pants inventory that was made using their signature black Luon fabric because the material was noticeably see-through.
And while the sheer black fabric is unacceptable enough to warrant a recall, Lululemon notes on its website that “You may experience sheerness with some of our bright-colored bottoms because of the lightweight nature of the fabric. We recommend you do a couple of Down Dogs in your brightly colored bottoms to ensure you’re happy with the fit and coverage.”
For years, consumers have trusted Lululemon, who charges as much as $98 for some of their pants, to produce apparel of impeccable quality. But with this being the company’s fourth quality-control issue in the past year and the second
problem with see-through fabric (the first involved swimsuits), fans of the brand may have good cause to start spending their money elsewhere.
Consider an Alternative
If you aren’t paying for quality when you buy a $98 pair of yoga pants from Lululemon, then what are you paying for? For the price of one pair of their pants, you could buy three pairs of Boxercraft Core Capris Pants, six pairs of Bella + Canvas’ Ladies’ Capri Pants, or nine pairs of Boxercraft’s Love ‘Em Leggings. So next time you want to buy yoga pants, remember that Lululemon isn’t your only option and that there are a lot of ways to spend $100.

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