One Customer’s ClothingShopOnline Experience

by Malorie Janasek
I recently placed a pretty large order of Bella + Canvas apparel from With Coachella coming up this weekend and more music festivals right around the corner, I knew it was time to stock up on my basics—the simple yet stylish tank tops and tees that are essential pieces every fashionista needs in her wardrobe.

And because basics should never break a fashionista’s bank account, ClothingShopOnline was the perfect shopping solution. Its wide selection of high-quality apparel from designer brands, all 40-75% off the retail prices, means you’ll have no trouble finding the clothing you need at the lowest prices possible.

I began perusing the pages of Bella clothing on ClothingShopOnline and was pleasantly surprised to see such a vast selection of items. Popular ones, too. So many choices! How will I choose?

I think it’s silly to waste money on basics, believing that instead, money should be saved and then spent on those items that a fashionista truly desires and deserves. The hottest dress of the season. That one-of-a-kind, hand-stitched vest. Those designer jeans that fit oh-so-well. The intricate jeweled necklace. The items that make a fashionista who she is—those are the items that deserve your time, attention, and hard-earned cash. Not the basics that you wear under or over, interchangeably, and sometimes multiple times a week—those should always be affordable.

In the end, I ordered about 16 items. Here’s the first outfit I put together with my new ClothingShopOnline items:

Bella's Flowy Boxy Cropped Crewneck T-ShirtBella's Flowy Boxy Cropped Crewneck T-ShirtBella's Flowy Boxy Cropped Crewneck T-Shirt

This Cropped Crewneck T-Shirt keeps it casual while still flirting with fun. Here, I paired it with lace-embellished jean shorts (I happened to make these myself) and a pair of dark brown ankle tights. For the workday, I topped it off with a long cream sweater and a pair of converse sneakers. Remove the tights and throw on some gladiator sandals, and Coachella, here I come.

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