Sweatpants are Fashionable Again, and Legs Everywhere are Rejoicing

sweatpants comeback

The comeback is one of life’s great surprises. The best are long overdue, both satisfying and well-deserved. They draw polarizing emotions and genuine reactions. Nobody wants to cheer on a comeback only to watch him/her/it stumble into a gutter. But there’s also nothing better than jumping on a bandwagon just as the engine begins to rev.

Modern human history has delivered numerous classics. Here are a few examples:

1. Robert Downey Jr. went from being an Oscar-nominated actor in 1992, to a prisoner of drugs and, well, prison a short time later. He then re-defined what it means to be a successful actor after assuming the role of Tony Stark.

2. Everything about Eliot Spitzer.

3. Bruce Wayne vs. A huge hole (and his internal consternation).

In any comeback that’s worth remembering (or Googling to jog your memory), someone or something needs to be bottomed out in an irrecoverable position.

Now feels like as good a time as any to enter sweatpants into this discussion.

Weatherproof Cross Weave Open Bottom Sweatpants

Now you can feel as great as you look.
Weatherproof Cross Weave Open Bottom Sweatpants

Long held as an article of clothing commonly associated with mustard stains and the unemployed, sweatpants have officially made a comeback for the ages, outdoing just about any fashion item next to the skinny tie.

Before nitpicking about whether sweatpants were ever “in” to begin with, just stop. They’re cool. And is their modest-but-growing popularity really that shocking? Seriously, whose legs don’t enjoy dipping into the comfort of warm cotton sweatpants moments after they’re lifted from the dryer? No legs that I know, that’s for sure.

GQ recently referred to a sweatpants and blazer outfit as “an up-to-date fall look,” and they didn’t sound preposterous. But being a part of a trend shouldn’t come with a membership fee.

Clothing Shop Online has several models at wonderful prices, and it’s in anyone’s best interest to get on board.

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Whether you’re looking to rake leaves, sprawl out on a couch for seven hours of appointment football-watching, or take your significant other out on the town for a nice glass of wine and a pleasurable (utensils-required) dinner, sweatpants are now—finally—capable of handling all of the above.6

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