Hooray for Headbands!

The best possible thing you can wear, in my opinion, is that which provokes ebullient conversation. Be it a skinny American flag patterned belt, a slim-fit pink gingham button-down shirt, or shoes with violet bottoms and laces to match.

All those items could be worn at a classy dinner party or a July 4th barbeque with equal success. But what about something even more unique? Something that everyone knows exists but never considers. I’m talking about the headband.

Magic Terry Cloth Headband

What is its functional purpose? Glad you asked. The headband was designed to keep sweat from dripping down your forehead and blurring your vision.

“Isn’t that what eyebrows are for?” Yes. But asking that question is akin to asking “why keep warm with a jacket when my body’s already covered with a healthy layer of skin?” The headband makes life better, and that’s all the reason you really need.

Eyebrows aren’t cool. And you can’t take them off. And you can’t color coordinate them with an otherwise vivid outfit. Clothing Shop Online has incredibly comfortable headbands in a wide range of colors.

Headbands are refreshing, practical, and awesome. They can be flavorful enough to make a rainbow blush, or so bland as to slink into the background and simply serve a functional purpose.

The headband, though, is timeless. You probably shouldn’t wear it to dinner downtown, or while making a toast at your little sister’s wedding, but if you regularly work out (jogging, playing basketball, etc), having a solid batch of headbands to accessorize with is fantastic.

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