A $50 Ensemble for Women

Last week we presented you with an entire outfit that came in at $50, including shipping and handling. This time around, we’re focusing on an equally affordable ensemble for women.

Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt

First up is a heavy cotton long sleeve t-shirt, on sale and only $3.49. It comes in 12 different colors, so you could conceivably buy half of them and still afford to cover up the rest of your body without worrying about going over the $50 line. This shirt is pre-shrunk and 98% cotton. Everything about it screams comfort.

Colorado Clothing Jacket

If you’re finished doing chores around the house (or taking a quick power nap before dinner), and want to get out for a quick walk, slip into the Ladies’ Antero Soft Shell Jacket ($29.87). It comes in six multi-toned colors and, most importantly, is weather proof—in case you live in New England and your walk in the sun transforms into a hail storm five minutes in.

Bella Lounge Pants

To cover up your legs, how about a pair of Women’s Classic Joggers ($6.98)? On sale, and as comfortable as anything, these pants are perfect for walking the dog, catching up on any missed TV shows, or taking that stroll around town.

These three items could be worn together or apart, mixed and matched with other fashionable items already floating around in your closet. Regardless, for under $50, ClothingShopOnline will improve your wardrobe.

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