This Hat is 10 Times Cheaper (and Cooler) than a Haircut

Every day, ClothingShopOnline overflows with outrageously enticing deals that you honest-to-goodness can’t find anywhere else. The site allows you to re-shape your entire wardrobe for pennies on the dollar!

But some deals are too much to handle. Some go overboard and cross into another dimension of savings that’ll have you waking up from a dream while you’re sound asleep in a second dream.

This deal here? This goes too far.

For just $1.90, an 8-inch Bottom Striped Knit Cap can be all yours. What is an 8-inch Bottom Striped Knit Cap, you ask? It’s a timeless fashion item. A hat that simultaneously insulates body heat from your head while making you feel…cool. So, it’s splendid and useful.

Sportsman Knit Cap

Do you know what else can be had for $1.90? How about two (as in TWO!) packs of orange-flavored Tic Tacs? Or a metered parking space for approximately three hours?

It also amounts to a more-than-generous tip to your local bartender after he serves you a pint of Sam Adams while you enjoy some college basketball, but, I digress.

Knit caps are a practical article of clothing. They’re comfortable and keep you warm. ClothingShopOnline offers them in nine colors, and nobody would think you’re crazy if buying more than one (all of them?) crossed your mind.

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