Tie-Dye Isn’t Dead

Youth Multi-Color Spiral T-ShirtModern society tends to frown upon adults who rock tie-dye t-shirts. All those colors looking like a caged rainbow that got thrown in a blender. All that chaos. The patterns are consistently inconsistent.

But what’s the harm, apart from possibly losing your job if you wear a tie-dyed shirt to work? To be honest, modern society might have a point. Most adults probably shouldn’t be wearing tie-dye clothing (in public) for any number of reasons.

But you know who should wear tie-dye? As often as possible? Kids. Fashionably speaking, they can get away with murder, and splattering a dozen random colors on a shirt is as close to murder as one outfit can get.

Most kids don’t like dressing up. At least we didn’t. Some of us still don’t. At best, it’s tedious. At worst, it’s brutal. A tie-dye shirt is an exact opposite of dressing “up.” It’s a pre-teen’s first opportunity to rebel against his parents, even if he has no idea that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Every kid should have a tie-dye shirt, and at ClothingShopOnline, one will hardly cost you $5.00. Making them is fun, but it can get messy. Here’s the simple, inexpensive way to get as many as you want. If you’re an adult, just make sure you don’t wear your kid’s to the office.

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