Next-Level Lounge Pants

Boxercraft VIP Cotton PantsDifferent articles of clothing serve different functions, but it’s an awesome, rare item that crosses the margin and floats from one setting to another.

It’s that pair of form-fitting blue jeans that you can take you practically anywhere. Or that sweater that fits just as easily under a blazer as it does over a t-shirt.

We love these items because they make life easier. They keep us looking good while allowing our brains to focus on more important things in life. (Yes, there are more important things than what you put on your body, but only one or two.)

ClothingShopOnline’s Boxercraft VIP Cotton Pants are not one of these items, but they do make your life easier just the same. These pants—satin tie included!—are probably the best thing you can possibly wear…within the confines of your own home.

They’re for cooking, cleaning, getting you from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen and back to the bedroom, etc. They’re for sleeping, relaxing, eating, and curling up beneath a blanket while watching Netflix.

They’re for going downstairs or down the driveway to pick up your mail. Are they acceptable at the grocery store? Sure, they’re acceptable, but you probably won’t be applauded.

Your legs feel like they’re swimming with them on. It’s nice. It’s comfortable. It’s how you should want to feel when in the confines of your home.

For less than $10, you can have a pair in one of four awesome colors: Magenta Storm, Cotton Candy Pink, Set Sail Blue, or Key Lime (our personal favorite). But you can’t go wrong with any color—as long as you know where to wear them.

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