There’s Still Time: 20% Off All Outerwear

December. For anyone who’s ever lived in the Northeast, Northwest, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, or Russia, uttering that word out loud is powerful enough to send chills down your spine.

It’s a frigid time of year. There’s snow (aka Mother Nature laughing in our faces) and powerful winds that paralyze all motivation to go outside and drive to the grocery/liquor store.

For the month, if you don’t have the proper attire to A) stay warm and B) look good, then ClothingShopOnline has you covered. As you’ve probably already seen looking around our site, we’re having a 20% off sale for all our Winterwear/Outerwear items.

It’s still early in the game, folks, as December becomes January, which then turns into February (I hope you appreciate this blog’s commitment to teaching you important information), and the weather will still be very, very cold.

Stormtech Epsilon H2XTREME™ Soft Tech Bonded Shell JacketHere’s our absolute favorite item to arm yourself in as you battle relentless temperatures during this long season of desolation (Christmas aside).

This Soft Tech Bonded Shell Jacket is for those interested in literally fighting the cold. Throw this on and be overwhelmed with a feeling of indifference towards the weather. Suddenly, you’re tough. Suddenly, you don’t care. It could hail frozen bricks and this jacket will have you frolicking in your front lawn with a smile on your face.

(For those interested in not getting hit in the head with brick-sized hail, here’s the same version with a hood.)

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