Short Sleeve Dress Shirts

Sierra Pacific Short Sleeve Cotton Twill Shirt
Just look at how confident this man is.

Over the past few weeks we’ve heavily promoted clothing that typically aligns with cold weather. Quarter-zip and full-zip jackets, polar fleeces, hoodies, sweatshirts, knit caps, and so much more. We want you to stay warm at the lowest possible price, so it seems like a win-win for everyone involved, no?

Well, today, we’ve momentarily decided to veer off course. If you want to layer with one of our jackets or throw on a comfy cotton sweater to get you through the day, go right on ahead! We applaud your charm.

But if you’re sick of talking about the cold—or live in Hawaii—here’s a hidden gem in our arsenal you might be interested in. There was once a time when short sleeve dress shirts were most notably associated with a certain Nuclear Power Plant safety inspector. Or one of the finest detectives to ever stalk the streets of New York City.

No more. In recent years the short sleeve dress shirt has grown in popularity, and it is now proudly worn by respectable non-fictional/non-cartoon characters. Lucky for you, we have an amazing option that comes in several great colors.

The Short Sleeve Cotton Twill Shirt is comfortable, fashionable, and won’t have you feeling underdressed. It breathes, has a firm collar (so you can throw it on underneath a v-neck sweater without skipping a beat), and exists as that rare bit of clothing that’s bold but also adequate;y professional.

There was a time when the short sleeve button down would draw snickers and disapproving second glances. That time is over. Embrace the future. Wear this shirt, either to the office or on the weekend. It’s another win-win situation.

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