How To Dress Your Kids for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you have children, there’s a good chance you’re either bringing them to see extended family or playing host at your own home.

For the kids, that means looking especially nice—tucked in shirt, finely combed hair, shoes that lack copious amounts of mud and/or grass stains—for one day.

Dirty jeans probably won’t cut it, and neither will tie-dye shirts (truly tragic, we know). In situations like this, compromise is usually necessary. Especially when a parent instructs their child to remove all tie-dye from his/her body.

Keep Parents and Kids Happy

A solution? Our Short Sleeve Pique Polo. Why does it work? Boys just want to feel comfortable in whatever they’re wearing, and the collar exists as common ground. This shirt gives whoever’s wearing it warm, snuggly feel.

It comes in three basic colors (navy blue, light blue, and white) that go with whatever else is being worn. At only $8.58, get one of each color and have your child wearing their favorite choice into the new year.

Despite its lack of patterned mountain lions or grizzly bears, after wearing this shirt to school a couple of days and receiving mountains of compliments from just about every teacher they encounter, your child may just have a new go-to top.

Once the holidays are over, he won’t want to take it off. This isn’t an excuse to burn all the tie-dye (whatever you do, don’t burn all the tie-dye), but it’s a clothing alternative that keeps both parents and their children satisfied. A happy holiday indeed.

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