With this backpack, you’ll never lose anything again.

There are many awful things in life, but nothing—NOTHING—is worse than losing your keys. Or your wallet, or your cell phone, or your favorite pair of socks.

To avoid these truly devastating situations, we hammer routines in the back of our head, subconsciously slap our pockets when walking down the street to make sure everything’s still there, or take a third peak inside the dryer to ensure that no, those socks aren’t lost. Yet.

But one of the most anxiety-inducing places where items can be lost is the gym. Your brain is focused on working out, getting bigger or smaller, lowering your cholesterol or raising your muscle mass.

There’s no time to think about anything else. You’ve either shuttled to the gym after work or groggily arrived at the crack of dawn. There’s a locker, sure, but you have so many clothes, and so much stuff to keep track of in the in-between.

It can get hectic.

Puma Backpack
Insert the Puma Teamsport Formation Gym Sack. Much like a pocket that wraps around your shoulders, this bag serves the mega-helpful function of helping you establish an easy to-and-from-the-gym routine.

It comes in several awesome colors, but don’t worry, all of them will make you look cool. (Which is something we all strive for, right? Right?!)

Throw your running shoes, ankle socks, shorts, and a t-shirt into the bag, pull the strings, strap it across your back, and you’re good to go. If there’s room, go ahead and toss in your keys, wallet, and iPhone. It’s doubtful you’ll ever lose one of them at the gym again.


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