Your New Best Friend: The Apron

There are so many articles of clothing we take for granted. Socks, shirts, pants, sweaters. We like some more than others, but all hang in our closet or rest neatly folded in a dresser and are arbitrarily thrown on day after day.

But regardless of the level of care our clothes are given daily, the horror that accompanies a nickel-sized hole or impossible red wine stain is intense. How can you prevent these things from happening? Let’s be annoying and answer that with another question.

Liberty Bags Long Butcher Block Apron

Why do you need an apron? Because clothes get dirty when you do stuff. That’s why. Let’s say your New Year’s resolution was to re-paint your living room. Or…some other handyman job that presents the slight possibility of damage to even your most ratty t-shirt.

What if you plan on doing messy culinary experiments? For example: homemade pizza, kneading the dough and spreading olive oil with tomato sauce and toppings. Or choosing to scramble eggs from a stepladder.

Maybe it’s the summer months and you’re hosting a BBQ, grilling steaks and chicken and ribs and hot links on the back patio. An apron can be a huge assistance for whatever you’re cooking.

Lucky for you, Clothing Shop Online has a ton of different options all at incredible prices. There’s the Adjustable Neck Strap Three Pocket Apron for only $6.60. It comes in seven fantastic colors. Or the Long Butcher Block Apron, which is $5.29 and also comes in seven colors.

Aprons are overlooked today, but when you stain that favorite shirt, you’ll wish you were wearing one.

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