The Polar Vortex and the Importance of Layers

In case you’re living under a rock or in Southern California, there’s this terrible, awful, no good cold-weather-related phenomenon happening all across the United States.

It’s called a polar vortex, which, in scientific terminology translates to “don’t go outside.” Seriously, the wind and the cold and the snow and the freezing rain will have you hiding in a hibernaculum, and nobody would blame you for never cracking the door.

But, unfortunately, some brave souls still need to withstand the elements by simply functioning on a typical weekday. Hospitals, police stations, and that Starbucks on the corner still need to open or society will go rigid.

These people who venture outside need to dress warmly, of course. And the best way to do so is with layers on top of layers on top of layers on top of layers on top of la…you get the point.

DRI DUCK Heavyweight Power Fleece Jacket with Thermal Lining

At ClothingShopOnline we have more options than you’ll know what do with, ranging from t-shirts to long sleeve shirts to sweaters to hoodies to pullovers to quarter-zip fleeces to winter jackets.

We have everything you need right now, all at incredibly affordable prices. Here are two favorites in the jacket department we suggest you stock up on right away because even though the polar vortex won’t last forever, we’re still three weeks away from February.

Let’s start with this Heavyweight Power Fleece Jacket with Thermal Lining, because everything about that name sounds like it’ll make you sweat. Next up is the Ladies’ Mock Soft Shell Jacket, which is an incredible value at $30.08.

Everything you need to layer up can be found at Clothing Shop Online, but those two items should be viewed as essential.

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