Cold? Grab a Blanket

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The other day we talked about staying comfortable. Clothes that feel good are more awesome than those that do not. This seems obvious. Also obvious in its awesomeness? Blankets.

For some people, curling up beneath a warm blanket is equivalent to being greeted with a loving hug. At ClothingShopOnline, our blanket department is overflowing with inexpensive options that’ll keep you warm throughout the winter (and content with a lower gas bill).

Here are our three favorites.

The Fleece Sport Blanket (only $9.49) comes in eight great colors and is 100% polyester. Made to keep you warm while sitting outside at football games (get three or four if you’re from New England or Denver), these are also phenomenal options for the living room couch.

Our Infant Thermal Blanket ($8.09) comes in three standard baby colors (blue, pink, and white) and is the perfect size and material to keep your child warmer than you are. Because isn’t that what being a parent is all about? Making sure your child is better off than you are? Anyway, if you don’t have any kids, don’t hesitate to spring for one as a great gift.

Last but not least is our Promo Fleece Throw. It’s huge (just under 6’x6’, and comes in five colors.

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