Tote Bags are Perfect Bags

There have been many useful, civilization-changing inventions throughout human history, but the wheel, television set, and tote bag are easily the most noteworthy.

Tote bags are open containers of happiness. They have no closures but simplify anything and everything. They’re practical, helpful, and (most of the time) look great.

The name is a little redundant considering “tote” means “to carry,” and bags have no other use than as tools with which we carry things. Regardless, tote bags are the backbone of your everyday life. They hold everything together, performing a thankless, overlooked job while making anything and everything easier.

Where can tote bags best be utilized? The right answer is “everywhere.” But if you’d like a more specific response: school, the beach, the gym, the office, an airplane, a weekend trip, a road trip, any general vacation, an overnight stay at your significant other’s.

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HYP – 33.3L Beach Tote

Maybe you don’t have anything to hold except a small, ugly purse, and you just want the tote bag to function as a prettier accessory. Maybe you live in a city that banned single-use grocery bags. Whatever. The bottom line is that the tote bag is perfect.

At Clothing Shop Online, you’ll find several tote bags in all sorts of sizes, all at incredibly affordable prices. We have different colors, patterns, and materials, too.

Two fantastic options are the basic and effective Canvas Tote, available for just $2.78. (At that price your best bet is to go ahead and buy four, in case you lose the first three.)

If you’re looking to spice things up (and help the environment), here’s this fantastic Recycled Basic Tote that comes in 20 (yes, really) colors and costs only $1.58.

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