Feel Good and Look Great in a Polo Shirt

There is no single article of clothing more timeless and identifiable than the polo shirt. Once thought of as a fata morgana by men who were sick and tired of buttoning up long-sleeve shirts whenever they had to don a collar, the polo is the ultimate compromise.

It’s comfortable, like a t-shirt. But the collar gives it a certain elegance. When a country club turns their nose up at the outside world by demanding “collars must be worn at all times,” what they really mean is “everyone, relax; just throw on a polo and grab me a cigar.”

Polos are what mothers get their kids to squirm into for picture day without too much of a fuss. They’re what you use as leverage to convince friends that dressing up for golf isn’t so bad.

The look has evolved over time, too. Polo shirts now available in a wide array of colors, designs, and materials. Want a purple striped polo made of velvet? We’re sure you can find one…somewhere. At ClothingShopOnline we have more practical options, but the selection is still impressive (and, if you’ve never been here before, very inexpensive).

Heading back to the links for a quick second, our Golf ClimaLite Tour Long Sleeve Polo is sublime. Made by Adidas, this is the perfect shirt for those brisk Sunday afternoons in October when your body isn’t willing to give up golf just yet. Get it for only $36.33.

For the more casual, everyday look, try our Climalite 3-Stripes Cuff Sport Shirt . For only $32.27 you can be incredibly comfortable in a shirt that has not one, not two, not three, but FIVE BUTTONS. It also comes in four adaptable colors and can be worn just about anywhere.

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