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You go to the gym, right? Or at least, do you “want to try” turning sporadic trips there into regular excursions? Most everyone falls under one of the two categories, and with good reason. Going to the gym is hard and painful. A lot of people treat it as a thrice-weekly trip to the dentist. Some love it more than anything, mostly for the great sense of relief that washes over them once it’s over.

The thing about workout fanatics and their antediluvian habits—the ones who’re addicted to the gym like people who aren’t are addicted to Doritos and naps—they can never have enough workout clothes.

Why? Glad you asked! Clothes have a tendency to absorb the sweat your body releases during and after a workout. So unless you either don’t have a sense of smell or are as obsessed with the laundry room as you are the gym, there’s a good chance you prefer throwing dirty clothes in the hamper and putting clean items on every day without having to do a wash every week.

Here’s a great item available at ClothingShopOnline for anyone who loves working out (or at least wants to love it) but doesn’t want dirty clothes getting in the way.

At first glance, the Pro Mesh Reversible Tank doesn’t appear to be an absolute necessity in your closet. Glance again. This tank comes in 16 colors (or 32 since IT’S REVERSIBLE) and costs just $8.47. At that cost, you could buy seven or eight and be set at the gym for a couple of weeks. It’s perfect like that and will sit comfortably on your shoulders for a solid style that’s comfortable no matter how long you choose to make the day’s workout last.

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