Here’s why you should buy undershirts in bulk.

Undershirts are sacrificial articles of clothing–shields of sorts. But instead of protecting you, they guard your outer layers.

Undershirts are called “under” shirts because they’re plain and not designed with style in mind. Chances are you aren’t going to impress anyone with a t-shirt unless you’re Marlon Brando and the year is 1955. That isn’t its purpose.

Undershirts are there to soak in the grim, gross stuff like pit stains and back sweat. They keep expensive button downs and collared shirts clean and not smelling awful.

(This goes for sweaters too. It’s so tempting to just throw on a v-neck made of soft Italian merino wool. It feels so good. But don’t do it!)

This not only keeps you unsoiled and socially acceptable, but it also saves you money. Wear undershirts, and your good shirts will last longer.

Bella + Canvas - Unisex Short Sleeve V-Neck Jersey Tee - 3005

Undershirts are not pricey on purpose. They’re supposed to be replaced often, and they’re supposed to be purchased in bulk.

Our V-Neck Bella + Canvas Tees are the most perfect undershirts imaginable. They come in a multitude of colors and washes, and there should be nothing stopping you from grabbing one. Don’t hesitate to get creative, but overloading on white isn’t a bad idea either.

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