Need Cheap Sports Apparel?

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You know what’s unreasonably expensive? Officially licensed sports apparel. Buying pretty much anything associated with your favorite team—college or professional—has the potential to leave you broke. Whether it be a jersey, hat, jacket, t-shirt, whatever.

Even worse, after you’ve celebrated your 18th birthday there’s almost no situation outside of actually attending a game where it’s socially acceptable to rock an XXL football jersey, so your investment is likely to be a total financial waste short of single wear once or twice a year. (Wearing it to a stadium is also somewhat silly, but ultimately OK compared to walking down the street or sitting at a bar.)

Jerseys work as a wordless apologia of support for a favorite team. People throw them on and immediately enter a club overflowing with thousands of others. It’s a way to let people know what you like (and don’t like), and it can even foster connections with complete strangers.

But, again, all that isn’t really worth it. Luckily, ClothingShopOnline has a fantastic collection of striped scarves ($6.46!) and beanies ($4.51!) in dozens of color schemes to help you show off your allegiance in public without paying an obscene amount of money.

Even for those who can’t tell the difference between the Green Bay Packers and the United States Women’s Gymnastics team, these items make great gifts for just about anyone interested in looking good and staying warm.

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