Multiple Uses for V-Neck Shirts

Last week we wrote about undershirts, specifically how their primary role as articles of clothing is to protect other, more important articles of clothing from your sweat and stink.

This remains true, and everyone should have at least one dresser drawer filled with them (in white is fine, but switch it up every now and then with some black undershirts, too).

This got us thinking about the undershirt designed to stand alone. Those shirts are rare, classic, and awesome. They look good, keep you comfortable, and function as more than a protective sleeve.


Our absolute favorite is the unstoppable 19 Seventies Jersey Burnout Leo V-Neck T-Shirt. At only $16.70, you can easily grab one in each of its three classic colors: the appropriately titled vintage white, faded navy, and coal.

With a fashionable v-neck and left chest pocket, the shirt is fantastic by itself. Wear it anywhere, from a club to brunch, to the side of a lonely road where you’re changing a tire. Take it to the next level by throwing on a blazer. Coordinate your upper half with a matching pocket square. All of a sudden your undershirt’s made you look sensible and mellow at the same time.

It’s a simplistically elegant look and one that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Make sure to grab one in each color, especially if your blazer collection exceeds the standard navy blue.

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