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Short Sleeve Baseball Jersey

The number of emotions that run rampant through a typical lifetime is uncountable, but not up for debate is which feeling is the most enjoyable (for people who don’t play professional sports, at least).

Picture this. The sky is cloudless and the sun’s warmth complements a soft breeze on your neck. Spikes dig into the dirt at your feet and an aluminum bat is cradled in your wrist.

It’s intramural softball. The bases are loaded. You’re up, staring down the grapefruit-sized ball softly floating from the pitcher’s hand to home plate. In a whirlwind of spinning shoulders, flexing biceps, and churning legs, bat meets ball and thousands (read: a few people) clap and cheer and stomp as you race around the bases. Euphoria.

How do you get there?
Step one: have friends.
Step two: convince them to join a softball league.
Step three: dress appropriately.

That’s it right there.

At ClothingShopOnline, we’ll help you with that last part. Don’t leave your teammates to buy shirts on their own—your team will look unorganized, and we’re pretty sure that’s been proven to hurt performance. Buy your intramural softball shirts in bulk instead. There are several options, styles, and colors schemes to choose from, all at affordable prices that cater to you, the bulk buyer.

Our favorites are the V-Neck Jersey with Striped Sleeves, the Power Plus Jersey, the Unisex Eco-Jersey Gym Rat T-Shirt, and the basic, classic, Short Sleeve Baseball Jersey.

While we can’t help you race around the bases, step on home plate, or feel the feeling that’s better than anything else in the world, we can deliver fantastic shirts to make your team look better than the opponent. And that’s just about the next best thing.

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