Must-Haves for Spring

As cold as it has been the past few months, spring is definitely on its way. If you want to make sure you’re prepared for springtime traveling, then look no further than these two essential items.

Before you even get to your destination, you have to pack a bag. But luggage can be so frustrating, and there is nothing better than having the perfect, lightweight bag to carry along with you.

That’s where the Liberty Bags Recycled Duffle (both Large and Small) comes in handy. Either of these bags will hold all the necessary items you could need to bring with you for your quick spring weekend getaways, including your classic Carmel Towel Company Stripe Velour Beach Towel (which comes in Kelly Green, Red, or Royal). These are two of the biggest essentials for any spring break trip.

Choosing baggage can be a difficult thing—particularly when there are so many options out there—but you cannot go wrong with the simplicity, practicality, and style of the Liberty Bags Recycled Duffle. And while laying on the beaches from California to the Carolinas, the Carmel Towel Company Stripe Velour Beach Towel is going to be your best friend. Not only will it dry you off after swimming, but it can also keep you warm in the cooler evenings and keep a layer between you and the hot sand as you lay out to read a good book or take a light nap during the day.

Look no further than ClothingShopOnline for these two essentials when traveling during spring—we’ve got you covered!

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