Help preserve the planet in fun and fashionable ways!

If we could all invest in at least one new eco-friendly item this Earth Day, then we could all be helping in the effort to maintain our beautiful planet. We can all do our part by recycling or conserving water, but we can even do our part by getting the rights types of clothing and accessories. From re-usable tote bags to baby clothing to t-shirts, there are so many options of items that positively affect our planet.

Imagine a gorgeous Sunday morning and you’re wandering around at a local market. When you find some items that you want to buy, instead of using plastic or paper bags that a vendor may be giving away, bring along the Liberty Bags Cotton Market Tote or Organic Farmer’s Market Bag. These bags are not just stylish and cool, but will prevent you from needing to use the wasteful and harmful paper or plastic bags that are not the best for the environment. They will also be great for future trips to the grocery store where you can bring your own bags instead of using the ones provided there.

Let’s take this a step further, you can equip your entire family with eco-friendly items that will lower the harmful footprint left on our planet from other items that may not be as conscious or aware of what their products are doing to our planet. For your babies, there is the infinitely adorable Rabbit Skins Infant Organic Lap Shoulder Creeper, where the colors have been dyed using environmentally friendly dyes, making this the perfect cozy number for your little one.

For you, there are plenty of great options made from 100% organic cotton such as the Anvil Organic Cotton T-Shirt with plenty of color choices that allow for re-use season after season. On the other hand, Alternative Apparel has an entire eco-friendly line of clothing made from a blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon that is so incredibly comfortable and soft that you will want to both sleep in and go out in them. There are shirts like the Unisex Eco-Jersey Gym Rat T-Shirt that is both practical and fun in its color choices or a cardigan like the Ladies’ Eco-Jersey Thumbs Up Wrap to keep you warm and stylish. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of sweatpants that you can lounge in at home and run your errands in, then look no further than the Eco-Fleece Costanza Sweatpants or the Ladies’ Eco-Fleece Sprinter Pants. Each of these sweatpants have pockets and an elastic waistband, which makes them both functional and snug.

For Earth Day, try out a re-usable bag or eco-friendly clothing item and you’ll be helping do something positive for our planet. Help keep our planet beautiful and happy by buying products that are organic and have a positive effect on our environment. If we can each do at least one thing good for the environment this Earth Day, then we can start making changes that build up and could eventually lead to favorable and larger changes for the world.

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