Break out the BBQ…

If you haven’t already made plans for this coming Memorial Day, have you considered gathering all your friends and family in a park for a BBQ?  Picture this: blankets all around, somebody is grilling up a storm, and the sun is shining down. Go ahead and call up all your family, friends, and whoever else you want to see to set a time to get together.

When it comes to the day of and you’re getting everything together and packing up the car, consider investing in some super efficient and nifty tote bags that will be useful year round for all sorts of occasions. The Liberty Bags 16 Ounce Cotton Canvas Tote is the ideal bag to carry around everything that you could need for a day of picnics and games. These bags are made of 100% heavy-duty cotton canvas with an internal pocket and key ring holder, so you know you won’t lose your phone, wallet, or keys if you put them in the right places. They will be great throughout the summer for beach days, the fall for sporting games, and the winter for trips to the snow. So pack those tote bags full of food, games, and fun times, hop in the car, and head over to the park.

There is going to be that one person who just loves grilling and is going to want to be hovering over those meats and vegetables all afternoon. They could definitely use the Liberty Bags Full Apron, which will cover them in case of any spills or accidents. This accessory is ideal for grilling with three full-sized pockets and an adjustable neck strap. It is made of a cotton/polyester blend and is stain-resistant, soil-release, and liquid repellant. Nothing could protect your clothing better from the messy act of grilling than this apron.

Let’s talk ground cover. Everyone is going to be sitting around, talking, and eating so you will want a good set of blankets for everyone to relax on. Gildan has the DryBlend Stadium Fleece Blanket, which reaches 50 inches by 60 inches, is made of a cotton/polyester blend, and will be cozy to sit on and will prevent everyone from getting itchy while sitting in the grass. Moreover, it comes in so many different colors so everyone can have their own personal colorful blanket.

While everyone is sitting on their blankets and lounging around, there may not always be trees to cover you from the sun, so come prepared with one of the many Valucap hat options, like the Five-Panel Twill Cap. This cap will look good and keep your face protected under shade.

Now that we’ve covered everything that you need, go ahead and call everyone up! Get ready for a day filled with great people, delicious food, and sunny times. Be safe, have fun, and get outside to enjoy the weekend!

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