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Coast along the water in style with great clothing for boating. Find out more here!

One of America’s favorite hobbies is boating. Whether kayaking, yachting, or out on a pontoon, great enjoyment can be found on the water. From polo shirts to lightweight jackets, bring your style and comfort to the next level every time you step aboard.

Unless you plan on going to the Arctic, shorts and a tank top are most likely the items you will need next time you are on the water. The Chino Shorts by Burnside are ideal whether you are swabbing the deck or captaining the ship. These shorts are made from a cotton/polyester blend and have a professional look, which keeps you feeling relaxed and looking sharp.

Just because a polo shirt can be worn for style does not mean it is impractical. The Double Dry® Performance Sport Shirt by Champion will keep you from sweating too much while out on the deck working rigging or in a kayak pumping paddles. This shirt is not only made of 100% textured polyester mesh, but it also has side vents.

Even though it can get chilly out on the water, we are here to make sure that it will not ruin your boating experience. Our collection of lightweight jackets and pullovers are the perfect solution to a chilly sea breeze. The H2XTREME Waterproof Stratus Light Shell is 3.0 oz., 100% polyester dobby. For the ladies, there is the H2XTREME™ Waterproof Stratus Light Shell, which will ensure that anytime out on the water is a comfortable one.

Grab some new boating clothes and throw your old ones overboard. Boating and dressing well go hand in hand and we are here to ensure that continues to happen. Check out our selection, whip up a stylish new water-resistant look, and order your boating apparel today!

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