Wandering the Farmer’s Market

Summertime is the perfect time to head out to your local farmer’s market to pick out the freshest of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you’re properly equipped before going out in the summer heat with shorts or a dress and plenty of reusable tote bags! Find out more here.

Before jumping on your bike, putting on your walking shoes, or hopping in your car to head over to the nearest farmer’s market, be sure that you have all of the essentials for a perfect day out. With the summer weather heating up, shorts and dresses are going to be your best bet to staying comfortable while wandering along the rows of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other delicious items. You should also think about bringing along your own reusable tote bags, which can hold everything that you get without using harmful plastic or paper bags.

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts to trot on down to the farmer’s market in, look no further than the Champion Cotton Gym Shorts or the Badger Mesh Shorts. Both of these are great options made from loose breathable fabrics that will keep you cool in the summer warmth. Additionally, they have flexible waistbands that allow for ultimate comfort. On the other hand, here are two wonderful dress options that will leave your legs open to feel any breeze that may come your way. This  Jersey T-Shirt Dress is a classic style and cut that will be flattering for most any body type. Alternatively, the Hooded Pullover Dress is a little more stylized for anyone looking for a little more flare. Both dresses are made from soft fabrics and come in a select array of essential colors.

The final piece that you will need before stepping out to head over to the farmer’s market is a reusable tote. Try out the Liberty Bags Recycled Zipper Tote, which comes in a large variety of fun colors, has long straps, and it zippers closed at the top. Another option is the Econscious Organic Market Tote that is made perfectly for a day at the farmer’s market with longer straps and a sturdy bottom. Put on your shorts or dress, pick out some reusable tote bags, and make your way over to the farmer’s market for some tasty treats and to support the local businesses.


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