Junior Styles

Growing up, more often than not, means an increased desire for independence. Reflect that expanding individuality through your clothing choices this school year. Find out more here!

There is no need to fear the growth spurts as you become a young adult. Clothing Shop Online will always have your back. The older you get, the more independence you’ll be looking for, and the ability to show off your own unique style goes right along with that.

It is always key to have some basics to match with the more individual pieces of clothing in your closet. For endless color choices, the LAT Junior Fit Fine Jersey Longer Length T-Shirt is very versatile and can fit in with just about any other clothing item. If the weather is still a bit on the warmer side, try Blue 84’s Softstyle Tank Top for the weekends while lounging around in the backyard, playing at the park, or walking around shopping.

While the basics are important, some stylized pieces can be more fun. Blue 84 has apparel with a little more flair than the average t-shirt or tank top. For a twist on the standard tank top, there is the Burnout Raglan Tank Top with colored shoulders and softer fabric. Otherwise, there is the awesome Burnout Crewneck Football T-Shirt, which comes in a few color choices and will help you stand out from your friends and their more basic t-shirts.

As it cools down into winter, be sure to have some warmer pieces to mix and match. Independent Trading Co has the perfect items to throw on with your other clothing and keep you warm. For a lighter layer, the Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt will do the trick.

We all grow up at some point, but that shouldn’t mean that our clothes have to be too small or that we can’t be stylish. Stock up for the entire school year on some prime clothing for your increasing individuality. Show off your growth spurt with a fashionable new wardrobe.

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