Clothing Shop Online & Hilton: Supporting Britt Casey Jr

Clothing Shop Online and Hilton brand clothing are proud supporters of Britt Casey Jr. – a 16-year-old race car driver. Dress like a pro in your own Hilton gear for racing and bowling. Find out more here!

Britt Casey Jr. is quite the inspiring young man, having accomplished so much already at 16 years old. He started racing in motocross and karts but began racing cars under supervision at age 13 and clearly is extremely driven and passionate. Clothing Shop Online and Hilton brand clothing both support Britt Casey Jr. and we are all rooting for him. With such an early start, this is one person to definitely keep watching.

Why stop at watching though? If he inspires you to race – motocross, karts, or cars – it could be nice to dress the part as well. Hilton has the Cyclone Racing Shirt that is made from a cotton/polyester blend and has a left chest pocket with buttons down the front. This classy racing shirt will make you look great when you sit behind the racing wheel. If you’re looking for a different variation, there is always the Hilton Spoiler Racing Shirt. This shirt is also made from a cotton/polyester blend but has more flair in the color design on the front.

Racing may not be for you, but if you’re interested in supporting Hilton brand, there is always the indoor sport of bowling. We can’t help you get a strike, but Hilton can supply you with some great bowling shirts that will help you feel like a professional bowler. With so many options from the Quest Bowling Shirt to the Cruiser Bowling Shirt, it’s difficult to choose one style. There is something for everyone though so if either of those isn’t right for you, give the GM Legend Bowling Shirts a try.

Just as we support Britt Casey Jr. and are inspired by him, let his passion and excitement for the sport he loves drive you – no pun intended – to try something new. Equip yourself with Hilton brand shirts to try racing or go bowling and feel like a pro. Keep your eyes open for Britt Casey Jr. though because this guy is going places.


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