Dress to Impress

Be ready to attack the day at work with excellent professional wear. Look the part as you present or simply dress to the nines and feel prepared. Find out more here!

Whether you pick it out the night before or decide in the nick of time, each morning you most likely have to get ready for work. No matter if you’re working in a formal office or meeting someone on the go, it can be important to dress professionally. Form a collection of proper business and work attire so that you can always be prepared and start the day off right.

Finding the perfect dress shirt can really make an outfit. Sometimes a simple, classic shirt is all you need and the Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Shirt for ladies or men is ideal. This shirt is exactly what everyone should have in their closet – neutral toned and elegant. That said, men also have the option of the Slim Fit Cotton Stretch Striped Shirt with stripes that add a bit of texture to its otherwise nice simplicity.

Understandably, days get busy and if you’re running around, shirts get wrinkled. That is why the Van Heusen Non-Iron Pinpoint Oxford Shirt for both women and men is a great choice for anyone who is used to coming home at the end of the day with a wrinkled shirt and little desire to iron. Some of us are not the most elegant or clean throughout the day and accidents happen, so for the more active and accident prone person, Featherlite has made the Long Sleeve Stain-Resistant Twill Shirt. On days that you may be feeling bold, there is the Van Heusen Pintpoint Suiting Check Shirt or Ladies’ Silky Poplin Shirt. This men’s style has a fashionable edge with crisscross stripes, while the ladies’ style comes in a variety of lovely colors to match with any pair of pants or skirt that you may choose.

Never feel restricted again and always be prepared for work. Don’t let some old dress shirts get you down. Find a supply of work shirts that will make sure you are prepared to tackle whatever may come your way throughout the day.

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