Valentine’s Day

Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit by wearing pink and red clothing. Outfit your loved ones in the color of the day. Find out more here!

Chocolates and flowers may be the traditional Valentine’s gift, but why not take it to another level and wear red and pink in honor of the loving day? Wearing red and pink is one way to spread love to those around you. You can’t help but crack a smile when you see someone being celebratory during a holiday. If you’re in the mood to be festive, then check out this curated look of red and pink items.

Anvil’s Sustainable T-Shirt comes in two shades of red, which gives you the choice of how bold you want to be. This shirt is not solely for one day a year though, it is a comfortable and casual t-shirt that can easily be worn more often than just one day in February. Not everyone can wear a t-shirt to work though, so the Featherlite Long Sleeve Stain-Resistant Twill Shirt will be a great alternative and also comes in two shades of red.

As it gets into the evening time, no matter what you have planned, if it involves being outside in the colder weather, the Hanes Crewneck Sweatshirt will be the perfect maroon or red toned sweatshirt to keep you warm. This unisex style is ideal for everyone, but there are also those that prefer a zip-up as opposed to a pullover. In that case, Independent Trading Co. makes the Unisex Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt in both red and pink. All of these pieces are wonderful for any time of the year, but serve to particularly emphasize the love you want to share on Valentine’s Day.

Now it’s time to think about those cute babies and think about outfitting them with their own Valentine’s Day themed clothing. Rabbit Skins’ Infant Baby Layette will be the most adorable pink layette they have ever worn. Consider decorating it and making it unique by sewing on hearts or drawing loving words on it.

Rally everyone in the family together for a day filled with love and care. Illustrate your love for the day and each other by wearing red and pink colored clothing. Valentine’s Day is a day for celebration and sharing the love, so spread that love with some red and pink apparel that will help bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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