Earth Day

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Although every day is earth day, there is a particular time each year that we celebrate it more than normal. We live in a beautiful place and respecting that space is important. Companies like Alternative Apparel, Econscious, Hanes, and Comfort Colors are four brands that make products available to keep us feeling happy and simultaneously help out the environment.

Hanes is a classic brand that seems to have standardized cozy clothing. Now, with pieces like the Comfortblend EcoSmart Hooded Sweatshirt, they are part of a new revolution to help make clothing that is better for our planet. This sweatshirt is just as perfect and warm as any others but happens to also be built from recycled materials. Comfort Colors is another brand that is putting out awesome products made from natural pigment dyes. T-shirts like the Garment Dyed Short Sleeve T-Shirt is a great option with so many colors to choose from and all made by natural means without harming the environment.

Alternative Apparel tends to use fabrics that are made from recycled and organic materials with low impact dying processes. If you’re looking for a new pair of lounge pants or a wrap sweater, consider the Ladies’ Eco-Jersey Lounge Pants or the Ladies’ Eco-Jersey Thumbs Up Wrap. These two items are produced in a safer and more ecological manner that makes them better for our planet.

Liberty Bags is yet another brand putting itself out there to help by using 100% organic cotton fabrics and being a sustainable company. Continue your Earth Day consciousness all the time while shopping with tote bags like the Organic Farmer’s Market Bag or the Eco Promo Tote. Either of these or other bags are great alternatives to using the potentially wasteful bags that are more often used in stores.

Celebrate the Earth by supporting the products that help it thrive. Brands like Econscious, Alternative Apparel, Hanes, Comfort Colors, and more are working to help improve the planet we live on through the clothing and products we use. The differences may not be noticeable right off the bat, but the change over time is worth it.

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