Memorial Day

Stock up on summer essentials with great Memorial Day Weekend deals. Get all the beach, picnic, and camping accessories or clothing that you may need for the coming summer season. Find out more here!

The mark of the beginning of summer has come around again! A weekend of barbecues, celebration, and (hopefully) sunny weather. Memorial Day marks the time of the year when school is out summer, the weather will start heating up, work may ease up, and everyone is able to come out their homes for more time outside and less time hibernating. With discounts on everything, there is no better time to stock up on everything that you could need for the start of summer – particularly those picnic or barbecue essentials!

Whoever is going to be cooking up a storm at the barbecue all summer deserves to have some protection from the food that they’ll be preparing. Try getting them something like the Liberty Bags Long Butcher Block Apron, which is perfect for all their cooking needs and has two pockets right in front. Protect all those precious heads from the hot sun with a hat like the Flexifit Ultrafiber Cap with Air Mesh Sides that will make sure no one burns their faces and everyone stays cool as the summer gets brighter and hotter.

The quintessential blanket to lay on top of at the beach or the park must be large, soft, and washable. Alpine Fleece has the two best options the Patterned Picnic Blanket – and the other of which is double sided fleece – the Throw Blanket. Both of these are ideal choices for the park, beach, hillside, or wherever else you may be having a picnic, camping, or just reclining outside. Finally, you need a tote bag to carry all of these awesome finds inside. Liberty Bags and Bayside make great carryalls, like the 16 Ounce Cotton Canvas Tote or the USA Made Jumbo Tote that will hold all of your favorite finds.

Take advantage of the start of summer and all the great deals for Memorial Day by snagging a tote bag and filling it with all your top favorites for the season. Roll up your towels, blankets, hats, swimsuits, and bring them along outside for more days under the sun and fewer days spent inside. Take advantage of the glorious weather soon to be coming your way, celebrate Memorial Day in style, and enjoy the start of the next season of the year!

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