Bonfire Layers

It doesn’t matter where you are – beach, lake, backyard – because a bonfire party with your favorite people will always be the surest way to have a good time. Although the fire is supposed to keep you warm, sometimes you need a little assistance in the cool night air from a good old fashioned cozy sweatshirt or blanket. At Clothing Shop Online, we have the best sweatshirts and blankets that will help you out in that time of need!

Whether you want a pullover or a zip-up sweatshirt, there is something for everyone in all sorts of styles and color combinations, but here are a few of our favorites. If you’re one to get colder than the rest, then the Gildan Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt is the best choice for you. This thicker sweatshirt will keep you warm on the coldest of summer evenings and throughout the year when layered properly, plus it comes in so many colors there is bound to be one just right for you.

Maybe you’re not one to be as cold, but do prefer to have a layer on top of you while you’re sitting around a bonfire. The Bella + Canvas Unisex Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt will allow for just the versatility that you may be looking for. A metal zipper means you can leave it open to be breezy, zipped up to stay toasty, and, either way, you can put your hands in the pockets to keep them warm as well. The fire may be hot, but if you’re craving a bit of extra warmth then look no further.

Not all of us want to wear a sweatshirt to keep warm though and a blanket is yet another great way to keep snug if you’re feeling a slight chill in the summer evening at a bonfire. The Fleece Sport Blanket by Gildan is a perfect size and will do just the trick. Wrap that cozy fabric around you in any way you please to cover any part of your body that you want to keep extra warm or share it with the person next to you and make a new friend.

Any way you look at it, having an extra layer is never a bad thing, particularly in the summer evening at a bonfire. Throw in some kindling, spice up the flame, and get yourself a safely roaring and warm bonfire to celebrate the start of summer. Gather your layers along with all your favorite people and you, my friend, have a wonderful evening ahead of you!

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