Happy Fourth of July!

Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a day that truly marks our freedom as a country. This single day brings about so much history, celebration, and excitement that each year we observe this date with such gusto. Something you may in fact not know is that John Adams wrote a letter home, basically, explaining that July 2nd would be the remembered day and not July 4th. Who would have thought that one of the most commemorated days of the year is actually on, technically, the wrong day?!

In reality, that is no matter though seeing as all we really want to do is gather friends, family, and everyone else in order to honor and remember a great day in our country’s history. Traditions include a ton of barbeque, hot dogs galore, and the thrill of fireworks being set off all across the nation. We all tend to have distinct memories as a kid watching fireworks from a nearby mountain crest, open field, beach, or elsewhere and the awe inspiring thunderous cry as it explodes in the air above our heads.

Independence Day means so much to many people across the country, illustrating the gravity of our history and even the importance of the American dream. Whatever the American dream may mean to you, we do know that is means something for everyone. To many people the notion of success is the American dream, but everyone measures it in their own numerous ways… through happiness, family, independence, money, and so much more. The American Dream is inevitably something different for everyone, but at the root of it all, we are people looking to achieve one goal or another living in one nation that allows us the capability to reach for our dreams, goals, and desires.

Misunderstandings about a historical date are simply that – a misunderstanding or misrecording in the history books, but what still stands is the beauty and happiness of this one day each year that we take to celebrate the Independence that was achieved in our country. Take the day to bask in the summer sun, eat a bunch of delicious food, remember the history, but, ultimately, take the time to honor a historically monumental breakthrough for our home; the United States of America.

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