Break out the shorts for summer

It’s that time of year again where the hemlines start to creep up in order to stay comfortable in the summer heat. Take a cue from the changing weather and grab yourself a new pair of shorts for the warm months ahead. Find out more here!

Summer, summer, summer – why do you always shock us with your warmth? After an unseasonably cold winter this year, we’re sure everyone is excited to have a little change in the weather. While summer is inching closer, get yourself ready by preparing your closet with proper warm weather attire. Even if you can’t always wear them to work, shorts are the number one summer staple item. They can be paired with most anything else in your closet and will, quite literally, take the place of your pants in the coming season.

Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics that is sure to keep you cool throughout any heat waves that may be coming your way. Badger, Bella + Canvas, and Champion all make a cotton short that will be super cozy and be sure to not make you feel hotter when you step outside in the summer heat. Check out styles like the Girls Running Short, Ladies Fitness Shorts, or Cotton Gym Shorts that are all available in great basic colors that will undoubtedly match with other items in your summer wardrobe.

If cotton isn’t so much your thing, but you would still like a breathable short, then maybe some lined mesh shorts are more up your alley. Ladies, Badger has you covered with their Pro Mesh Shorts and, gentlemen, Champion knows you well with their Long Mesh Shorts with Pockets. Some of you may prefer the style of a running short though with fun pops of color and a flattering shorter cut, so Boxercraft has come to your rescue with the Novelty Velocity Running Short. These are not only comfortable but super unique with a collection of colors and patterns available that are sure to make you happy.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these options. All of the shorts will help you stay cool in the summer heat so that you can make the most of each day without feeling dragged down. Pull on a pair of shorts, get outside, and enjoy everything that summer has to offer!

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