What To Wear: Amusement Park Edition

Sometimes you just aren’t sure what the best clothing to wear is for a particular situation or event, so we’re here to help you out and offer up some advice on the best pieces to pair together. Find out more here!

Whether you are more in favor of water parks, roller coasters, or just carnival style rides, there is bound to be a place for everyone. Nothing can be more annoying though than dressing improperly for an entire day away, so it’s best to arrange yourself before the day trip and know exactly what you are going to need.

Shorts are always a safe bet when running around amusement parks. Dresses or skirts could be a hassle, pants could be too hot in the summertime, and shorts are the perfect medium. It’s up to you whether you want to go with a mesh short, a running short, or a cotton short because that all depends upon your comfort level, but there is no doubt that shorts will be the way to go for your trip to the amusement park.

T-shirts or tank tops are forever the safest options and coziest choice around. Not only are they easy (literally just throw them over your head and you’re ready), but they’re also the perfect blend of comfortable and stylish. Men’s and women’s tank tops are wonderful for keeping you cool during the hot day, but be sure to slather on the sunscreen so as to not burn your shoulders. Alternatively, v-neck t-shirts for men and women are great options or even a unisex crewneck t-shirt is ideal for everyone in the family.

Light sweatshirts are great for when it gets cooler at night.  Whether you prefer crewneck or hooded, we’ve got you covered.

Aside from a good pair of walking shoes, there is only one more essential item that you will want to bring along and that is a backpack that can carry all of your essential belongings as you run around from place to place without fear of setting down a purse or tote somewhere and forgetting it along the way. Put everything you could need in a backpack, throw it over your shoulders, and you’re ready to go!

Knowing the best way to prepare yourself for a day at the amusement parks is step one to a successful day. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard and arm yourself for a great day out in the sun with your family, friends, and anyone else that is tagging along.


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