Camping Gear

Gather the tents, sleeping bags, and snacks – it’s time to drive up the coast or into the woods and set up camp. Put together everything you need for an adventure out in nature. Find out more here!

Pitch the tents, start a fire, and settle in for a fun weekend in the wilderness or by the water. It’s time to escape your day to day life and go camping for a week or even just a weekend. Take some time away from the hustle and bustle of your home schedule to relax in the gorgeous places that surround us.

Without a doubt, you should pack some of your favorite tees and shorts. You never can tell with the weather though, so it would probably be best to pack some items that could keep you warm. A pair of sweatpants are great for both lounging and hiking making them an ideal piece to bring along for their versatility. Protect your head from the cold or the sun with a cozy knit beanie or a baseball cap. Both hats could fare you well throughout the day, from an early morning chilled hike with a beanie to a later afternoon relaxing time in the sun, it’s a safe bet to have both as options.

Whether you’re at a camping site with showers or swimming in ponds, lakes, and oceans, you’ll want a towel at some point. Camping affords you the ability to go places and do things that you don’t normally get to do around home, thus take advantage of the nearby lake and jump in cannonball-style or run straight into the ocean and dive under every oncoming wave. After soaking in the water all day, a nice warm campfire at night will feel incredible and be a great way to end the day. Wrap yourselves in blankets, huddle around the fire, and bask in the glory of the beautiful day that you have spent with the people you care about.

What are you waiting for? Pack up your duffle bags or backpacks with everything you may need for a camping adventure and get on the road. Summertime is the greatest time to get outside and do the things that aren’t necessarily available to do year round and, depending upon where you live, it may be too cold to camp in the winter so now is your time! Gather your gear, food, family, and friends for a camping vacation that will take you all away from your standard daily grind.

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