6 Reasons Why Girls Look Better in Yoga Pants

We can’t pinpoint when it happened, but yoga pants have become everyday wear, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Not only do yoga pants offer women a more comfortable way to move throughout their day, but they’re oh-so flattering on just about every body type.

For all you couture wearing denim lovers, it’s time to dismount that high horse and start embracing comfort. Because let’s face it – you look just as good in a pair of leggings as you do in skinny jeans. Still skeptical? Here are 6 reasons why women look like a million bucks in yoga pants:

Girls who wear yoga pants know their own strength.

In case you’re having trouble wrapping your head around the idea that strong is the new skinny. Yoga pants are the perfect solution for girls who squat and lunge. Let’s be real – there’s no squeezing skinny jeans over a pair of well-built quads. Girls who wear yoga pants are girls who aren’t afraid to test their own strength. What’s more attractive than that?

Girls who wear yoga pants don’t mind getting their feet wet.Girls who opt for yoga pants are girls who opt for experience overlooking a certain way. In yoga pants, they’re ready to cartwheel, rock climb, or lay back in the sand at a moment’s notice. They choose fun over fashion and never look back. A beautiful girl isn’t tripping over her heels; she’s feeling the sand between her toes.

No butt beats yoga butt.Yoga pants are the perfect item to show off all of that hard work you’ve been putting in to shape your butt and legs.

Girls who wear yoga pants are committed to their health.A girl who practices yoga is not only committing to a great workout but also to a positive lifestyle change as well. She puts her health first, and it shows. Glowing hair. Glowing skin. Glowing all day long.

Girls who wear yoga pants are braveThere’s nothing more attractive than a girl who’s open to trying new things. Whether it’s a wobbly new pose or a wild adventure, a brave girl is a beautiful girl. Balanced on your arms in a daring yoga pose or finding your balance in a handstand, you can look great while doing in a fun patterned yoga pant.

Girls who wear yoga pants embrace nature.Girls who wear yoga pants not only embrace their natural beauty, but they embrace the great outdoors. They believe in peace, and harmony, and the power of natural elements. They know when Mercury is in Retrograde, and they know how it affects their mood. They are beautiful because they are stable – physically and emotionally.

At Clothing Shop Online, we believe beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. Uncomfortable clothes look uncomfortable and don’t exude your best self. We love the trend of yoga pants as daily wear because it allows women to be athletic, mobile, expressive, and free. Explore our selection of ultra-comfortable workout wear and create your own kind of beauty.

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